Cheltenham’s Signature Artisan Patisserie

The HorseChoux, a delectable patisserie, is the first of its kind.
A perfect blend of classic French patisserie baking and Cheltenham’s heritage in one
delicious handmade pastry, perfect for an afternoon of pure indulgence.

The HorseChoux patisserie has been developed by French-born restaurateurs, who fell in love with Cheltenham when relocating to the town, a decade ago. They were passionate about Cheltenham having a signature artisan food product that showcased the best of the town in every single bite. With this in mind, the HorseChoux was born.

Based on Cheltenham’s biggest visitor attraction, the racecourse, the pastry is shaped like a horseshoe with a choux bun base, cream puff filling finished with a delicate horseshoe-shaped chocolate topping that has the significant seven lucky pins on the horseshoe.

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